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    Is it Still Paint?

    Technology isn’t something most people think of when it comes to paint, but at Benjamin Moore we’re constantly working to develop products that solve problems and make you rethink what paint can do. Since Benjamin Moore paint goes so far beyond your expectations of paint, it kind of makes you wonder...is it still paint?

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Aura® Waterborne Exterior Paint

Aura Exterior is the finest exterior paint we've ever made. It combines the advantages of our resin technology and our Gennex waterborne colorant system to deliver rich, full color and unprecedented durability. Aura protects against cracking, peeling and fading and is also mildew and stain resistant. Aura Exterior is available in thousands of colors.

Benjamin Moore Arborcoat® Exterior Stain

Arborcoat is the newest Exterior Stain line from Benjamin Moore, using advanced waterborne technology. All finishes are easy to apply and offer superior protection of exterior wood while enhancing its texture and grain. It's available in a wide variety of opacities and colors including a unique transparent and semi transparent decking system.

Aura® Waterborne Interior/Exterior Color Foundation

Aura Interior/Exterior Color Foundation is part of the Gennex® proprietary paint and colorant system. It is a 100% acrylic latex product intended to be used as a base coat under deep colors that specify Aura Color Foundation in order to achieve maximum hide and the desired finish coat color. The use of Red or Yellow Color Foundation will depend on the finish coat color and must be tinted appropriately.

Regal® Select Waterborne Exterior Paint

Regal Select Exterior is a premium waterborne acrylic paint tinted on our patented Gennex platform. It delivers the classic application and superior performance you expect from the Regal name for your exterior jobs.

Benjamin Moore Premium Exterior Paints

The Premium Exterior Paint line uses a 100% acrylic resin and proprietary alkyd technology to provide a protective exterior coating that will remain looking freshly painted years after the job is finished. It is premium quality and designed to meet the needs of a value conscious consumer.

Benjamin Moore Premium Exterior Stain

Benjamin Moore Premium Exterior Stain is a complete selection of the finest stains and sealers. Available in a wide variety of premium quality products, Benjamin Moore has just the right product to achieve the look you want and the protection you need for your home.

Exterior Stain Prep Products

Benjamin Moore offers four additional prep products for decks and siding which include Remove, Restore, Brighten, and Clean. These products can be used to properly prepare the wood surfaces for the staining job.

Fresh Start® Premium Primers

Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Primers ensure the best possible finish coat adhesion and appearance by providing the proper foundation for every finish coat. Fresh Start is available in a variety of products with the right features for every job.

ben® Waterborne Exterior Paint

ben Premium Exterior latex paint is a 100% acrylic latex paint that delivers dependable performance, application and appearance. It is premium quality, environmentally friendly with low VOC and is designed to meet the needs of a value conscious consumer.

Impervex® Latex High Gloss Enamel

Quick-drying, high gloss enamel providing outstanding rust inhibition with excellent color retention and weather resistance. Washes easily and produces no unpleasant odor during application.

Impervo® Interior / Exterior Alkyd High Gloss Enamel

A premium quality, alkyd enamel that when used according to label and system directions provides superior rust inhibition and dries to a mirror-like high gloss finish. Impervo Alkyd High Gloss Enamel is suitable for both exterior and interior surfaces.

Benjamin Moore Paint Extender

A premium waterborne extender for Benjamin Moore waterborne premium paints. Use as a thinner and open time extender for all Benjamin Moore interior or exterior latex paints when application conditions require it. Specially formulated to enhance the application properties of our premium products without adverse effects on dry film properties.

Impervo Spar Varnish

A premium quality, phenolic-modified tung-linseed-castor oil finish, reinforced with an ultra voilet screening agent. For use on exterior wood surfaces that are exposed to severe weathering such as boat decks, doors and lawn furniture. May also be used on exterior metal surfaces and on interior surfaces where a high gloss finish is desired.

Benjamin Moore Flooring Solutions

Benjamin Moore Flooring Solutions is designed to meet all floor coating needs including interior and exterior floors, decks, stairs, concrete and masonry surfaces.

Super Spec® Masonry Products by Benjamin Moore

A family of products used for sealing new or previously painted masonry surfaces prior to applying the finish coat.

Super Spec® Exterior Paints

Super Spec Exterior Paints is a premium line of alkyd and acrylic house paints offering exceptional film durability and excellent hiding. It is resistant to color fading, offers easy application, fast dry, excellent adhesion, and long term flexibility.

Super Spec® Primers

The Super Spec line offers a complete portfolio of primers for residential and commercial use.

Super Spec Specialty

Super Spec HP Specialty Products is an industrial maintenance line that meets various needs.

Moore's Swimming Pool Paint by Benjamin Moore

A high-hiding, fast drying chlorinated rubber coating for use in unpainted or previously painted concrete swimming pools.

Super Spec HP Epoxy

Two component, catalyzed epoxy coatings provide excellent chemical resistance, good solvent resistance, good acid resistance, and very good abrasian resistance. By adjusting the epoxy resin, pigments, and additives they can produced as primers or finish coats with a wide variety of gloss levels. Two component epoxies cure by solvent evaporation plus chemical curing when the two components are combined.

Benjamin Moore Weatherproof Aluminum Paint

Benjamin Moore WeatherProof Aluminum Paint produces a beautiful, metallic pigmented finish of exceptional brilliance and great durability. It has excellent hiding and spreads easily, while it protects metal and wood surfaces with a weatherproof film.

Super Spec HP Specialty Products

Super Spec HP Specialty Products is an industrial maintenance line that meets various needs.

Super Spec HP Urethanes

Urethane coatings are available in two types, both of which contain isocyanates and are crosslinked with moisture. There are three types of urethane; aliphatic, aromatic and waterborne. The major difference is that aliphatic will not amber when subjected to high ultraviolet light. The single component moisture cure type is referred to as a moisture curing urethane. In the two-component urethanes, the isocyanates react with another resin to form a film that provides three excellent qualities: chemical and solvent resistance, color and gloss retention, and abrasion resistance. Waterborne product will not amber like the aromatic type urethanes.

Moorlastic® Caulks and Sealants

Paintable, flexible and versatile, Benjamin Moore Moorlastic caulks and sealants are formulated to meet all of your application requirements with top quality ingredients that ensure long lasting performance. All of our caulks and sealants are vacuum-packed for a smoother bead and easier application.

Super Spec HP DTMs

These products are the most widely used coatings for the maintenance business and have been modified to offer additional protection and or application properties. DTM, direct to metal, products that play a dual role as both primer and finish.

Super Spec HP Primers

Benjamin Moore offers a broad range of Super Spec HP primers to ensure the best possible results for whatever finish coat you choose. These quick dry universal primers are formulated to use under many generic finish coats.

Ultra Spec® EXT Paint

Utra Spec EXT Paint is a professional-quality exterior coating designed to meet the needs of professional painting contractors, facility managers, property managers, and specifiers. It is ideal for exterior surfaces for which durability is critical. Available in thousands of colors, contractors will appreciate its superior coverage, adhesion, ease of application and easy soap-and-water cleanup. Tinted with Benjamin Moore's proprietary zero-VOC waterborne colorants, all of the finishes in this product line are low VOC.